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2932 NE M L King Blvd

Portland OR 97212

One of our core values at TNA Auto Repair is to ensure that you feel confident in having us repair your vehicle, and know we also go above and beyond that. We want you to think of TNA Auto Repair like home for you and your family’s car. When we work on your car, we treat it just as if we are working on our own car.


TNA Auto Repair uses nothing but the best quality parts in OEM/USED/AFTERMARKET (depending on customers preference and price range), no matter what parts are installed on your car before you leave this shop please know that all work we do is covered under warranty. Call us today at (503) 293-5994.



TNA Auto Repair, 503-493-5994


TNA Auto Repair is an independent vehicle service and repair facility in Portland, Oregon. TNA Auto Repair and its staff are not affiliated, approved nor endorsed by Fuji Heavy Industries Ltd. or Subaru of America. Work performed is not guaranteed by Fuji Heavy Industries Ltd. or Subaru of America. TNA Auto Repair is not authorized to do warranty work for Subaru of America.

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Monday-Friday  8 am - 6 pm

Saturday  9 am - 3 pm